Full-Text Guidelines

Please click here to download the TURKISH guidelines

Please click here to download the ENGLISH guidelines

  • Deadline for Full-Text Submission to AGANFOS-2019 is 28 June 2019.
  • The official language of the AgAnFoS-2019 is English.
  • Authors must upload their abstracts in English and also prepare their poster or powerpoint presentations in English (but they can speak in Turkish on the stage during presentation).
  • Full text language can be English* or Turkish (in this case English abstract must be included to text).
  • Full-text papers which prepared according to guidelines above can send by e-mail to “aganfos2019@gmail.com” with “abstract ref. numbers”.
  • * Selected full texts which prepared in English will also be published in “Journal of Erciyes Agriculture and Animal Sciences” and “Journal of Animal Science and Products” after the conference.

Scientific Program of AGANFOS-2019